I had a dream my crush was dating another girl

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As a personal hobby, I like to write about things that that touch upon the subconscious, the supernatural, the astrological and just plain geeky see my post on green eyes. What it means when your crush initiates sex: DreamBible adds that a dream about a real crush may represent "feelings that that person or a desirable goal may be too good for you. A delightful type of dream, no doubt. According to DreamMoods, "to dream that your crush has died suggests that your feelings for her or him is waning; the crush is no longer as strong.

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Or if you're a lesbian but have a dream about a crush on a gay, are you actually straight?

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What does it mean when you dream about your crush liking another girl?

DreamMoods adds that you might be dreaming about a crush because "perhaps a waking relationship is repeating the same pattern. Other times, a shouting match with harsh words exchanged. For reasons you do not understand, do you have vivid dreams about a guy or girl you have been crushing on. We were looking at each other mostly, i was trying to touch her hand out off control, like my mind was attached to her. To dream that your crush snubs you or stood you up symbolizes your feelings of insecurity and apprehension. Karmic energy may have been used by the universe to draw your awareness around this need. I sat down and played with the water that was just 2 steps away from me.

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i had a dream my crush was dating another girl
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i had a dream my crush was dating another girl
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i had a dream my crush was dating another girl
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